Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Rent a Self Storage Unit on a Budget in the Bronx

Many people still don't have a clear idea about how useful a Bronx self storage facility can be for them. Few others hesitate in using such facilities because they do not have extra money to pay rental for several months continuously.

But the good news is that people can benefit from a Bronx self storage facility even if they are on a budget. What's important is how they pack their things and choose the storage company that offers best deal in their area.

If you feel that you do not have budget or right financial resources to spend on renting a storage unit on continual basis, then at best you can do so only for weeks or month when you need it the most. Early planning is necessary so that you are sure of your budget and then stick to it.

As a first step, you should search for a reputable and professional Bronx self storage company near your house. You can do your research using the Internet, or scan through online yellow pages. You should make a list services offered by them and then compare their rates.

Once you've short listed at least 3 or 4 facilities, you should check each one of them personally by visiting them. Understand their policies including terms of deposits, payments and various other matters, and request them to see their storage units if possible.

If you have plans to move to a new home or place, you should start by using Bronx self storage facility temporarily for a short time for some of your stuff. You should also set day and time for transporting your belongings (packed in boxes). You can inquire from the self storage company whether they can transport them for you, or you can hire a moving company for the job. Even if you plan to move your items in a month, still it is better to set up your schedule. In this way, you can pack your things in best possible way.

You can save good money when renting self storage facility by choosing the right size of the storage unit. You can easily determine this by knowing the number and size of your boxes that you plan to use. Try to get measurement of the boxes, and also make a floor plan on how you want to position them inside your unit.

If you want to stack the boxes, then you should leave some space in the center and sides to ensure free movement so that you can access all your belongings with ease. This is necessary particularly if you want to access your belongings on frequent basis.

You can easily save good space by using shelves.

Check whether shelving is there in your Bronx self storage unit. With shelving, you won't have to rent a bigger unit because you can easily use the vertical space. Therefore, you can pile up your items upwards due to the shelves. Just choose durable and sturdy type to ensure that your items are kept safely even when you are piling them on atop the other.

Finally, you should stick to your original plan of renting your storage unit for the duration you have earlier decided. If later on, you won't need some of your stored items, then you can dispose them or donate them to downsize your storage unit or cancel your contract.

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