Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New York Storage Units Come in Many Sizes

packed carWith New York being one of the most populated areas in the country there has become a huge need for New York storage units. People are always moving and will always need a place to store their personal property during their relocation. The storage companies know that some people have lots of items to store away and others have very little. They have made everything very convenient for everyone and offer lots of options to their customers.

When renting New York storage units you will be able to choose from all kinds of different sizes. The size of the storage unit that you will need will depend on how much you need to store away. All storage companies are different but there seems to be a similar pattern that all storage companies use when determining the size of a storage unit somebody will need.

When you first approach a storage company they will ask you what you will be storing away. They will usually ask a new customer if they need a half closet space, full closet space, small bedroom, average sized bedroom, large bedroom, one car garage, large car garage or an extra-large garage. It very important to determine what size your unit needs to be because you will not want to overpay for a larger storage than what you need. You are also not going to want to get a unit that is to small. There is nothing worse than having a storage unit that is so packed with all of your stuff that you cannot even walk into it.

The smallest New York storage units are the half sized closet units. These are usually around 25 square feet and will usually measure 5' X 5'. These storage units are for people who do not have much to store away. Many people who rent these small units are not even moving but rent these spaces to keep something safe and secure. Whatever their reason is they do not want to keep it at their home. It will fit small furniture, a few sets of drawers or several boxes. The full closet space size will fit basically the same things but will actually have room big enough to fit a sofa and dining room set. These 5' X 10' spaces will usually work for those who can fill up the 50 square feet with items from a small one bedroom apartment.

The small bedroom size storage will usually be 8' X 10' (80 square feet), the regular bedroom size will be 10' X 10' (100 square feet) and the large bedroom size 10' X 15' (150 square feet.) The small and average sized bedroom storage will have sufficient space for a one or two bedroom apartment. The large bedroom storage unit is usually big enough for a three bedroom apartment or a house. Appliances, patio furniture, washing machines, dryer, living room furniture, bedroom furniture and mattresses will all fit in this storage.

The one car garage New York storage units will usually be 10' X 20'. The 200 square feet will usually suit those with a three or four bedroom house or apartment that needs to be stored away. The large one car garage is a bit bigger as it measures 10' X 25' and is 250 square feet. It will serve the same purpose as the 10' X 20' but will give somebody a little more space. The largest of the New York storage units is the extra-large garage size which will serve the purpose for those who need space for a four or five bedroom house. These 10' X 30' storage spaces will give someone 300 square feet of spacious room.

In rare cases people will need even larger storage spaces. Sometimes the storage company has the ability to combine two of the units together. If someone needed 600 square feet of room it is possible to combine two of the extra-large size garages. Of course this would be up to the individual business if they wanted to do this or not.

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