Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Select Long Island Self Storage

Just because an item is not used on a regular basis doesn’t mean that it is not worth keeping, but only so much can be stored in your own home before piling up. Eventually, all of these excess items cause a home to become cluttered. In addition to taking away from the appeal of a home, all of the excess can make the home less safe. Keep your important possessions safe until you need them by storing them in Long Island storage units. 

Determine the Type of Storage That You Need

Determine the size of storage unit that you will need realistically. Make sure that the space will be large enough for easy navigation. Keep in mind that the items will be used in the future and avoid the necessity of having to rearrange half of the contents of the unit in order to find the items that are being retrieved. There is no sense in storing an item if you will eventually buy a replacement because of the hassle of finding it in the Long Island storage space.

Storage units that are climate-controlled cost more than the basic units do, but fluctuating temperatures or moisture can damage some items. Depending on the items to be stored, a climate-controlled option may be cheaper in the end if it keeps your possessions from losing value.

Security and Insurance

Before you put your valuable possessions into Long Island self storage units, find out what type of security measures are in place to protect the items in the unit from theft at sites like http://www.storagepost.com/locations/new-york/nyc/queens/long-island-city. Make sure that you will be notified if there is evidence that a break-in has occurred or been attempted. Find out what types of losses are insured through the unit rental agreement.

Some losses can occur due to natural disaster. These are beyond any ones control. It is your responsibility to insure your valuable property. Do not assume that your personal possessions will be covered by your homeowners insurance. You may have to purchase an additional policy to cover losses caused by fire, floods or other natural disasters.

Keep Your Valued Possessions Easily Accessible

If you are never going to use an item again, there isn’t a reason to pay to store it - do some home organization instead. Determine how long each item will remain in storage as you plan how to make the best use of your Long Island self storage space. Keep items like seasonal decorations and accessories in an easy to reach area. Use packing materials to cushion fragile items and to fill the container to capacity. Label the container so that it is easy to find when it is needed and store the seasonal items near the entrance so that they are easy to retrieve and replaced as needed.

Items that will be stored for a long period should be prepared for storage in a way that will keep them safe and be placed toward the back of the storage space. This will keep them out of the way and make your Long Island storage units easier to navigate.


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