Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Select Long Island Self Storage

Just because an item is not used on a regular basis doesn’t mean that it is not worth keeping, but only so much can be stored in your own home before piling up. Eventually, all of these excess items cause a home to become cluttered. In addition to taking away from the appeal of a home, all of the excess can make the home less safe. Keep your important possessions safe until you need them by storing them in Long Island storage units. 

Determine the Type of Storage That You Need

Determine the size of storage unit that you will need realistically. Make sure that the space will be large enough for easy navigation. Keep in mind that the items will be used in the future and avoid the necessity of having to rearrange half of the contents of the unit in order to find the items that are being retrieved. There is no sense in storing an item if you will eventually buy a replacement because of the hassle of finding it in the Long Island storage space.

Storage units that are climate-controlled cost more than the basic units do, but fluctuating temperatures or moisture can damage some items. Depending on the items to be stored, a climate-controlled option may be cheaper in the end if it keeps your possessions from losing value.

Security and Insurance

Before you put your valuable possessions into Long Island self storage units, find out what type of security measures are in place to protect the items in the unit from theft at sites like http://www.storagepost.com/locations/new-york/nyc/queens/long-island-city. Make sure that you will be notified if there is evidence that a break-in has occurred or been attempted. Find out what types of losses are insured through the unit rental agreement.

Some losses can occur due to natural disaster. These are beyond any ones control. It is your responsibility to insure your valuable property. Do not assume that your personal possessions will be covered by your homeowners insurance. You may have to purchase an additional policy to cover losses caused by fire, floods or other natural disasters.

Keep Your Valued Possessions Easily Accessible

If you are never going to use an item again, there isn’t a reason to pay to store it - do some home organization instead. Determine how long each item will remain in storage as you plan how to make the best use of your Long Island self storage space. Keep items like seasonal decorations and accessories in an easy to reach area. Use packing materials to cushion fragile items and to fill the container to capacity. Label the container so that it is easy to find when it is needed and store the seasonal items near the entrance so that they are easy to retrieve and replaced as needed.

Items that will be stored for a long period should be prepared for storage in a way that will keep them safe and be placed toward the back of the storage space. This will keep them out of the way and make your Long Island storage units easier to navigate.

Friday, January 18, 2013

What are the Benefits of Having Queens Self Storage?

need more space
Are you currently in a bind where you have more stuff than space? If so, then you are certainly not alone; it is easy to accumulate belongings over time to the point that they can lead to unnecessary clutter at your home. Perhaps you have considered resorting to selling off some of your items as a way to free up space, but the thought of parting with any of them is upsetting to you. If this is the case, why not consider renting out a Queens self storage unit? This way, you can keep all of your belongings without having to worry about them cluttering up your home.

There are so many benefits to having a Queens self storage unit. For starters, this allows you to essentially rent a small property close to your home where you can store just about anything. These units also vary in size, so you can find one that suits your needs depending on how much furniture and other belongings you have to store.

With a self storage unit, you can also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are safe. After all, most self storage facilities these days have plenty of security systems in place to ensure that your belongings are safe at all times. This can include anything from video surveillance systems and gated access systems to security guards and much more. You also have the option to purchase insurance on the items in your storage unit if you are looking for extra peace of mind.

Furthermore, storage unit facilities tend to offer a wide variety of options when it comes to leasing Queens storage units. In this sense, whether you are looking for a long or short-term lease, you can be sure to find a unit that works for you. Some storage facilities, for example, will allow you to rent on a month-to-month basis. On the other hand, you may also sign a contract with some facilities as a way of cutting down on the overall cost of your rental. These rental agreements can range anywhere from a few months to a full year.

Finally, many people are surprised at just how inexpensive it is to rent out storage units in Queens. Often times, you can get one for about $15 per month, which is a lot less than it would cost you to have an extra shed built at your home in order to accommodate for all of your extra belongings. A lot of facilities even offer specials for those who are renting from them for the first time, so you may even be able to get your unit rental for less. Of course, this depends on the specific facility you go with and the size of the unit that you rent.

As you can see, there are a number of great benefits to choosing to rent a storage unit. So whether you are downsizing and looking for a place to store your extra possessions or simply need to store some unwanted items, this can be an excellent choice for you to make.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guide to Queens Storage Units

Are you currently considering the option to rent out a Queens self storage unit? If so, then you may be wondering whether or not this is the right choice for you. Furthermore, you may also be curious as to how you can find the best storage unit in the area of Queens to suit your needs and your budget.

First of all, there are a number of advantages to having your own Queens self storage unit. One of the main reasons as to why people rent these is for extra space upon downsizing. This is ideal for those who have too much furniture or too many belongings to feasibly fit into one space, but who also do not want to part with any of these possessions. By having a storage unit, these belongings can be kept in a safe and secure place until the owner has more room for them or figures out something else to do with them.

Furthermore, a storage unit can be a great option for those who have seasonal recreational vehicles. For example, many people who own snow mobiles will use a storage unit to store the snow mobile during warmer months of the year when it cannot be used. This is a great way to free up space at one's own home or property while enjoying the peace of mind in knowing that the snow mobile is protected and secure off-site.

Queens storage units are also ideal for college students. After all, upon moving into a small dorm or apartment for college, it may simply not be feasible to fit all of one's furniture and possessions into such a small space. By renting a storage unit, students can keep their additional belongings in a safe place off campus and still have access to them when needed. Then, once the student graduates from college and is ready to purchase their own, larger place, the furniture and possessions will still be waiting in the storage unit.

Not to mention, Queens storage units are a lot more affordable than many people would realize. A lot of these properties run some great specials that can make the overall cost of having a storage unit $10 per month or less. Of course, this can vary depending on the specific storage property that you choose, but it is generally a lot less expensive than many people think. Furthermore, many of these properties have video surveillance systems in place and a security guard on duty to ensure that your belongings are safe at all times.

So if you think that a storage unit would be a good option for you, now is the time to start shopping around for deals so that you can get the best price on your unit. Clearly, there are a number of advantages to having your own storage unit. You can save a lot of space and frustration by keeping any extra possessions or furniture that you have in one of these facilities. Be sure to begin looking into possibilities for storage properties in your area today and take advantage of a great deal.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New York Storage Units Come in Many Sizes

packed carWith New York being one of the most populated areas in the country there has become a huge need for New York storage units. People are always moving and will always need a place to store their personal property during their relocation. The storage companies know that some people have lots of items to store away and others have very little. They have made everything very convenient for everyone and offer lots of options to their customers.

When renting New York storage units you will be able to choose from all kinds of different sizes. The size of the storage unit that you will need will depend on how much you need to store away. All storage companies are different but there seems to be a similar pattern that all storage companies use when determining the size of a storage unit somebody will need.

When you first approach a storage company they will ask you what you will be storing away. They will usually ask a new customer if they need a half closet space, full closet space, small bedroom, average sized bedroom, large bedroom, one car garage, large car garage or an extra-large garage. It very important to determine what size your unit needs to be because you will not want to overpay for a larger storage than what you need. You are also not going to want to get a unit that is to small. There is nothing worse than having a storage unit that is so packed with all of your stuff that you cannot even walk into it.

The smallest New York storage units are the half sized closet units. These are usually around 25 square feet and will usually measure 5' X 5'. These storage units are for people who do not have much to store away. Many people who rent these small units are not even moving but rent these spaces to keep something safe and secure. Whatever their reason is they do not want to keep it at their home. It will fit small furniture, a few sets of drawers or several boxes. The full closet space size will fit basically the same things but will actually have room big enough to fit a sofa and dining room set. These 5' X 10' spaces will usually work for those who can fill up the 50 square feet with items from a small one bedroom apartment.

The small bedroom size storage will usually be 8' X 10' (80 square feet), the regular bedroom size will be 10' X 10' (100 square feet) and the large bedroom size 10' X 15' (150 square feet.) The small and average sized bedroom storage will have sufficient space for a one or two bedroom apartment. The large bedroom storage unit is usually big enough for a three bedroom apartment or a house. Appliances, patio furniture, washing machines, dryer, living room furniture, bedroom furniture and mattresses will all fit in this storage.

The one car garage New York storage units will usually be 10' X 20'. The 200 square feet will usually suit those with a three or four bedroom house or apartment that needs to be stored away. The large one car garage is a bit bigger as it measures 10' X 25' and is 250 square feet. It will serve the same purpose as the 10' X 20' but will give somebody a little more space. The largest of the New York storage units is the extra-large garage size which will serve the purpose for those who need space for a four or five bedroom house. These 10' X 30' storage spaces will give someone 300 square feet of spacious room.

In rare cases people will need even larger storage spaces. Sometimes the storage company has the ability to combine two of the units together. If someone needed 600 square feet of room it is possible to combine two of the extra-large size garages. Of course this would be up to the individual business if they wanted to do this or not.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Guide to Using the Services of Facilities that Provide Self Storage in NYC


Moving is one of the most stressful events for a business or individual; shifting and packing belongings is tedious and can take a lot of time especially if you are the person responsible for relocation. Storage is another bother of the other relocation processes. The major issues that are related to storage include safe handling and security of your goods. If you are a resident of New York City or you are planning to move your business or home there, the best thing to do in order to enjoy a stress free experience is to use the services of companies that offer self storage services in NYC.

There is some essential information that you need to know regarding self storage in NYC. One of them is that the state that the stored items will be in during checkout is a major concern when it comes to using storage services. Despite the fact that most household items do not require climate control facilities, most storage facilities in New York City are equipped with these features. This is because some items cannot survive storage without climate control. Climate is different in different parts of country and extreme climate conditions can result to irreparable damage to specific items.

Storing items in an uncontrolled climate is not advisable because such a climate can contribute to the proliferation of bacteria, mildew, dust mites, viruses and mold among other contaminants that cause paper rot, musty odor and wood degradation. Some of the items that need climate controlled storage include paintings, books, important papers, fabrics, clothing, electronics, wood and upholstery. If you need storage services for these items, you need not worry because most facilities that offer self storage in NYC have climate controlled units.

In order to get the best storage services in New York City, there are some things that you need to put into consideration. First, it is important to consider the space you need for your items. Ensure that the storage facility has adequate space to store your items in a state that is not congested. Another thing you need to consider is whether you need to use the items you store in the future. If it is likely for you not to use some items in the future, you should dispose them off permanently. Other things you need to consider before using the services of storage facilities in New York City include how frequently you will access the items you store, whether you need a truck to take the items in and out of the storage unit and the amount of money you can comfortably spend on storage on a monthly basis.

Facilities that provide storage in NYC are very competitive and their rates differ greatly. It is therefore important to do a bit of research to settle on a facility that is offering the best deals. In addition to that, ensure that you read the contract thoroughly and understand everything before signing it. Pay close attention to details like payment procedure, late fees, early contract termination and its consequences and the grace period offered among other important details. Whatever the case, ensure that you select a reputable and reliable storage facility in matters pertaining to security. Some of the important security features found in good storage facilities include surveillance cameras, guards and sufficient lighting.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Benefits of Storage Units in NYC

organized shelf

When it comes to shopping, people get so excited to buy the latest items in the market to make their homes look more beautiful and classy. But when time for relocation comes or house renovation, they now start experiencing the repercussions of excessive shopping. When either of these times comes, you will be required to look for a safe place to keep you items as you look for a permanent home or apartment. There are many storage units in NYC which can keep you items for as long as you wish until you get an apartment residence.

When you look for a storage unit, your life will not only be simple but you will also have comfort in your home. There many benefits that accrue to an individual who decides to go for storage units to keep his or her extra belonging during relocation, renovation or even when he or she just needs to keep some items that are not being used.

Storage units in NYC aim at easing storage problems for families and giving them an opportunity to enjoy free space at home. When furniture, toys, boxes and other appliance that are not being use fills the house, it tends to be congested, disorganized and there is even no fresh air in the house. These amenities have proved to be the best storage facilities one can store his or her items and earn extra space at home. It can also be an advantage when you is looking for a place to relocate, you will be assure of safety of your items as you looking for a permanent home.

These units also help to make your home look neat and organized. By collecting all those items that you do not need to throw them away and keeping them in a storage unit, this makes your house clean. At times, when there many item all over the house and that they are not being use at that time, they cause a lot of untidiness. When they are kept away, the house will always be clean and organized.

These amenities also help to save a lot of time for those individuals who have given up their property to be stored. When you have little items in your home, you need not to spend a lot of time to trace any item you need to use at home. Even during cleaning, you will not be requiring to spend so much time to arrange your items before you start cleaning. This is another advantage of having fewer items in the house.

Another thing about storage units in NYC is that the assure clients of safety of their items while they are being kept in the ware house. At times, your items are even safer when they are kept in the warehouse that when they are at home. Especially when you have small kids, they tend to be very playful and damage the very delicate items at home. You can decide to keep away these items until when they are all grown up and are able to understand that they need to be careful with delicate furniture like glass tables.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Rent a Self Storage Unit on a Budget in the Bronx

Many people still don't have a clear idea about how useful a Bronx self storage facility can be for them. Few others hesitate in using such facilities because they do not have extra money to pay rental for several months continuously.

But the good news is that people can benefit from a Bronx self storage facility even if they are on a budget. What's important is how they pack their things and choose the storage company that offers best deal in their area.

If you feel that you do not have budget or right financial resources to spend on renting a storage unit on continual basis, then at best you can do so only for weeks or month when you need it the most. Early planning is necessary so that you are sure of your budget and then stick to it.

As a first step, you should search for a reputable and professional Bronx self storage company near your house. You can do your research using the Internet, or scan through online yellow pages. You should make a list services offered by them and then compare their rates.

Once you've short listed at least 3 or 4 facilities, you should check each one of them personally by visiting them. Understand their policies including terms of deposits, payments and various other matters, and request them to see their storage units if possible.

If you have plans to move to a new home or place, you should start by using Bronx self storage facility temporarily for a short time for some of your stuff. You should also set day and time for transporting your belongings (packed in boxes). You can inquire from the self storage company whether they can transport them for you, or you can hire a moving company for the job. Even if you plan to move your items in a month, still it is better to set up your schedule. In this way, you can pack your things in best possible way.

You can save good money when renting self storage facility by choosing the right size of the storage unit. You can easily determine this by knowing the number and size of your boxes that you plan to use. Try to get measurement of the boxes, and also make a floor plan on how you want to position them inside your unit.

If you want to stack the boxes, then you should leave some space in the center and sides to ensure free movement so that you can access all your belongings with ease. This is necessary particularly if you want to access your belongings on frequent basis.

You can easily save good space by using shelves.

Check whether shelving is there in your Bronx self storage unit. With shelving, you won't have to rent a bigger unit because you can easily use the vertical space. Therefore, you can pile up your items upwards due to the shelves. Just choose durable and sturdy type to ensure that your items are kept safely even when you are piling them on atop the other.

Finally, you should stick to your original plan of renting your storage unit for the duration you have earlier decided. If later on, you won't need some of your stored items, then you can dispose them or donate them to downsize your storage unit or cancel your contract.